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We provide a facility with complete privacy and required early arrival for the visiting parent. Visiting parent parking and child drop-off/pickup are in different locations of the establishment providing enhanced security. Children are greeted and escorted to and from the vehicle of the delivering adult. Communication occurs immediately with the custodial parent if any issue develops while the visitation occurs.

Within walking distance of our facilities are parks, dining establishments and other areas, can also be used after a period of time at our facility. We do not consider these options as off-site. 

Teacher & Student

Most visitations will take place at our facility and the areas within walking distance of our facility. But with agreements of all parties involved, visitations may be arranged at an alternate location such as a park, restaurant, or specialized activity center (bowling, mini golf, etc.). 


Big Brother Soccer
Exchange Services

Although Family Time Visitation Center does not do exchanges, we may know of individuals that may be able to assist you. We would encourage you to be flexible on exchange times as not all times are available for assistance.

Reports, attorney correspondence and other written items are services also available.

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